From P7 to P2 and back dead last after 1 corner

Porsche at Interlagos on Friday of 17th June 2016 i joined RaceDepartment server in a race after long long time.

They were driving the highly appreciated simulator Automobilista with the beautifully created Porsche Boxer which aren’t (like i have read) exact copy of the famous Flat 6 mod but they are awesome and really really reminded me of driving them in rFactor2.

They have as well pretty bad BOXER tyres. Like 4-5% wearing per lap. Very bad! Tyres will be crucial in race – it seems. But let’s sort that out later.

So, i had roughly one hour and a half to practice with the car and meanwhile before i have spoken with my fellow countryman Erhan Jajovski, he at least gave me a time benchmark that i still didn’t knew because although i wanted to practice more i couldn’t do a lap till 19 GMT time. So when i started practicing i was bad. Doing low 1.37 and high 1.36.

Tried couple of things with the setup and every change was evident on track. Made progress after half an hour with 1.36.1 but still it wasn’t enough against experienced and fast sim racers from Race Department, to make it into TOP10.

Erhan which i found out lately, is a fellow countryman like i’ve said who is regularly visiting those events by RaceDepartment and as usually he is sharing his setups because it turns out that he is quite fast. Tried his setup and as early as upon leaving the PITs i acknowledged that i cannot use his because his steering wheel and mine are different and the evident big amount of steering degree was just too much so i lowered it, but still didn’t worked. I was slower actually. So i had to work out on the setup on my own. Only 15 minutes remained till we go in quals. Crap. I do 5min before the finish 1.35.9 and i was good i thought, and i fell on P11. I was lying myself. Came quals i did 1.35.5 and was +0.700 from pole setter Erhan and +0.12 of 2nd car on the grid and in the next lap i was -0.5 than mine personal best, but sadly i didn’t manage to put it all together – i spun. The lap with which i ended up the quals – the first one i did and only – i was troubled by a sliding car through the very fast right upwards corner. I knew i could go half a second quicker, but i didn’t sadly. I was disappointed because on first lap which was spoiled by sliding car ahead of me, i was in Sector 1 -0.06 than Erhan. So, in the end, without improving i fell from P3 to P7 in couple of seconds. The time of the session was in fact ZERO, they literally past me (4 guys) on their last lap in quals. The P6 car was -0.001 than me, can you believe it? The competition was strong man. Anyway, okay. Let’s have fun!

They have warm up. They start suddenly while i was confused and i see the plugin shows 2nd gear while stationary, that was awkward. And before i acknowledged it was an already known bug, i was a bit of a trouble for the car behind me, i am sorry for that!

We went around the circuit and placed each one of us on the grid. Since the straight finish line at Interlagos is somewhat uphill and i don’t have clutch on the pedals if i release the brakes the car in N or 1st would still go backwards. So i had to press the brake, but if i press the brake, i cannot rev up. That was a problem. But from full lights to turning OFF, when actually race starts, a space of 1 second is in between. So i was like – holding the brake until all 5 lights turned on and then released the brake. The car went a little backwards and i pressed on the throttle to max and before i revved up to the max they went out, so i put into 1st gear and lunched myself ahead of two cars on the start right away.

I was alongside car no.4 in Turn 1 since he had the inside and i wouldn’t have chosen the outside by losing eventually on the straight to cars behind i braked earlier to cut him inside on the next (probably) and accelerate earlier for the straight. That’s what i did and i went alongside him on the straight by placing myself in the inside of the 3rd corner towards 4th corner at the end of the second longest straight and moved in P4. 3 cars already, i was happy with the start, and not two corners down the road, i was P3. I was now very close to P2 car before the last corner and i knew i had to make a good exit and have my chance on the straight. Erhan was already ahead by some margin. So i did what i had to and had better exit than the P2 car and my opportunity on the straight came. I went as much as possible closer to him and he positioned himself towards the inside as we approached the grid. In my head pictures were moving when Schumi past Kimi back in ’06 – ill do the same. Although he chose the inside part, he left still a significant portion of the track clear, i dived in there. He went wide before corner came to have better traction through the complex of corners while i went aggressively on the brakes to try and hold my car in control and in the inside of the corner. I did it in the end and i was P2. I defended in the following two corners and by the end of Lap 1 i was +2.5 of Erhan and -1.0 of the guy behind. I forgot his name i am sorry. Low…something like that. It was good but the bad feelings i had struck me.

The moment i went practicing with the Boxer at the end of Sector 1 i always had troubles with the braking and entering that corner. The car weaved just enough to take away your confidence. So it happened and being that close to the grass i touched the grass on the outside obviously and spun. By doing so i positioned the car in the middle of the circuit. What else could’ve done but to remain stationary, not moving to distract someone who is coming at me even more. So … who had the chance and was happy to avoid me – did. Who wasn’t and i found myself in their trajectory – did not. I am sorry. I didn’t planned on doing so.

Okay i spun i thought but race is not over. Anyway i knew i wasn’t going to win. Although now certainly i was for sure. Unlike on Lap 2. Anyway, i had great fun in the process. Even though i didn’t finished the race which wasn’t my goal actually. Before i decided not to, i tried my best and after than first spinning i was back into game. I was closing in fast on the P14/15 car when i spun again in Turn1 after i braked too hard and went way over the curb on the inside that the car just throw me in a circle. It was really silly stupid mistake. Before i could’ve get back on the circuit – lucky this time i was in the grass on the far left – i had to let go every single car and i was stationary for exactly no more no less but 19 seconds. I returned as dead last and again, i knew i could have some fun. So i kept on going and going and i was still faster than the cars who were running above P3 (since i was monitoring the lap-times on the menu) so i caught few guys and past them. It was great fun and very joyful. Great racing and fair one too. I hope from my side the very least.

When from dead last and 5-6 seconds behind i came to catch P9 car and withing grasp of the P8 car which really was unrealistic prospect in the moment because i was fighting as well with the balance of the car while braking due to badly worn tyres, it was fairly good race. But then again while approaching closely to initiate attack on P9 car i slided over the curbs on the long left corner towards Sector 1. At that point i was done. So i stopped.

Even though i very rarely come in these events – sadly for me – i enjoyed this one till the last lap when i retired. And i am looking forward to the next in some other time.

Below are couple of videos that i did and i hope you will enjoy them.


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