Amazing 2016 F1 season, so far …

Moto GP is far better – F1 is way too predictable – I miss the sound, damn Bernie – F1 cars like playstation – Hamilton will win it why to watch it … and number of other bla bla nonsense.

Moto GP is on two wheels and never can be compared with F1. If F1 was predictable why don’t you put your house that Hamilton will win the next race? Would you rather listen the cars and see no action? I miss that too, but not at all costs. My favorite – F1 cars like playstation. Yeah, reason why Wehrlein the last year DTM Champion and this year rookie Jolyon Palmer lost them on straight line. Hamilton will win…have you underestimated the rest of the competition or you read what is served to you?

R1 Australian GP: Hamilton won the pole – again – but on start is pushed by faster Rosberg. Vettel takes the lead and is followed by Raikkonen, suddenly Ferrari leads 1-2 from the start and in a way – F1 is back! Later wrong strategy gave Rosberg the win. Big hopes for Ferrari remain. Grosjean gives Haas debut points with amazing P6. Race that promised a lot. Next one in 2 weeks, damn it. 
R2 Bahrain GP: Two weeks past and we are back. Hamilton struggled in AUS and some wanted him to struggle again, just so for people to see change and is not that “Hamilton will win again”. So, he wins pole by setting new lap record, which he described as “sexy lap”. Race day is totally different thing and he fails on start – again. Rosberg go round him and he is hit in Turn1 and again Rosberg wins the race. Before the start, we hoped to see the true pace of Ferrari and their attack but Vettel retired even before the race started. Although for a Vettel fan like me the race was complete nightmare – we saw great race nevertheless and Grosjean won another points for Haas in their 2nd race only. I read somewhere that there were so many overtakings that race that almost equaled the total of the half season last year. 
R3 Chinese GP: Rosberg wins 3 in row while Hamilton has engine problems. You wouldn’t guessed it i know. But in F1 it can happen. Vettel screamed on radio saying he have avoided a “torpedo” by Kvyat and hit Raikkonen in the process. Third race in row as Ferrari have some problems and tension grows, this time they hit each other unfortunately, although Vettel finishes on 2nd place. Kvyat finished 3rd and won first podium for Red Bull in a long time while early on Ricciardo same was after a long time for Red Bull on front row and in front of Ferrari and actually led the race before his tyre exploded. Racing on track and “off track”. Great race.
PA1894545.0036 (1)
R4 Russian GP: Rosberg wins again which is now 4 of 4 while Hamilton problems continued. Rosberg is 100% successful having 100 points from 4 races and things looks far more serious for Hamilton, Hamilton is not even 2nd in the Championship. Who would have guessed such start? Race began, Vettel was now hit by the man he accused of driving like mad man the race before – twice in two corners – and is retired second time in four races… Kvyat demoted – Max in Red Bull. Lot’s of ongoing things on and out of track.
R5 Spanish GP: Although Mercedes were clearly the strongest in qualifying, neither Rosberg won it or Hamilton. Actually he and Hamilton clashed in T4 in the first lap of the race. Yes indeed. Race wide open and with some luck and great driving Max becomes the youngest winner in the history by whole 2 years after the previous holder of that record pulled the leader of the race Ricciardo to a different strategy. Red Bull is first team to beat Mercedes – not Ferrari. Ricciardo has hard time to settle down having lost clean victory.
R6 Monaco GP: Red Bull is fastest in the tight streets around Monaco and Ricciardo wins the pole, Rosberg beats Hamilton to 2nd. Youngest winner in history Max – crashes. Vettel best for Ferrari. Race day comes and we have big rain. Rosberg fails to handle his car in the wet condition and is falling behind very fast holding up Hamilton as well while Ricciardo goes out of sights. Rosberg lets Hamilton through. Max crashes again. Red Bull misses Ricciardo’s strategy second race in row and he loses second clean victory. Vettel finishes where he started and misses on the podium. 
There are boring seasons, from time to time, but that won’t last and certainly not a reason to criticize the sport or degrade it. And this year, is nothing like that.

Rosberg leads the Championship winning first four! Hamilton finally wins in 6th race. Both have retired once – when they crashed into each other. The almost perfect Mercedes, is not that much perfect in Hamilton’s case while he is running out of components and won’t be long before he starts to get grid penalty for each time he changes one, Ferrari aren’t much behind in that regard either. We got new winner Verstappen and youngest by great margin. Manor are not dead last, they are fighting with Sauber and Renault. Ferrari, the team and driver that should have attacked by now are nowhere near that due to some problems with the tyres they cannot understand. Ricciardo wins his first pole with Red Bull – before Ferrari does it this year – and his fire was never bigger. Who would have guessed such start of this season? I for one, i wouldn’t have – ever! Period. But it happened. Because it is Formula 1. Because it is the biggest and fastest racing spectacle on the earth.

Some stats of 2016 so far:

1. Rosberg: 6 GP’s 4 wins 2 poles 4 podiums 106 points
2. Hamilton 6 GP’s 1 win 3 poles 4 podiums 82 points
3. Ricciardo 6 GP’s 0 wins 1 pole 1 podium 66 points
4. Raikkonen 6 GP’s 0 wins 0 poles 3 podium 61 points
5. Vettel 5 GP’s 0 wins 0 poles 3 podiums 60 points
6. Verstappen 6 GP’s 1 win 0 poles 1 podium 38 points
9. Perez 6 GP’s 0 wins 0 poles 1 podium 23 points
10. Kvyat 6 GP’s 0 wins 0 poles 1 podium 22 points

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