Beat the driver that shall not be named

Though i have no idea which driver that shall not be named did 1:56 with the stock Ferrari 458 Italia around circuit of Imola, but i for one certainly just couldn’t match that lap.

I was wondering, what to drive…and occur to me why not and try win some achievements in Assetto Corsa. And the career, i haven’t tried even for an hour, i should do that as well in the future. But, in the present – the Ferrari 458 Italia around Imola Circuit in 1:56

I was on the track, certain default setup given, 30 litres of fuel loaded and in the first lap in order to get more feeling of the car and know in what direction you should improve, i personally go straight with the default setup before changing anything. Just threw away some litres of fuel (left 10) and on the throttle. I did this.

In the video you will see my first lap with it around it. And i did a time enough for me to be no.144 on the RSR time sheets. It was 1.58.6 – my first lap and my fastest in the next 30 that followed.

I was really frustrated that i just couldn’t match my laptime although i knew and spotted while doing it, several moments or places in my first lap where i knew i could improve a lot. But i just couldn’t. After half an hour of struggling i went to seek help from google. Tried few setups (from 2 years ago) which by no surprise did not worked. They said to do laps of 1.53. I tried but nothing faster than 2 minutes. Improvements on the simulation by Kunos Simulazioni to bring to us the best feeling to the real deal makes big difference. Anyway i was really frustrated not for 1.56 but you see a guy had 1.52 and i don’t think that i belong that far down or that i am anything slower than that guy. I went to see when he did that lap and said like 2 years ago. I said okay, then it was another “game”, now that it is updated, then for a second to go below his laptime and see that the second on the time sheets has almost equal time done just few days ago. Well, i won F1 championship without any assists with cockpit cam in equal cars and fixed setups against one of the best sim racers i ever came against and definitely fastest sim-racers in my nation and if not one of the very best in the world, with whom we regularly met over period of 7 long psychological months and we fought. But this, as much as i drove i started to doubt in myself and got more nervous as a result. And that’s the thing i think, you cannot allow that, you always need to think that you are one of the best, and not to try and convince yourself by taking the most aggressive approach to look fast, so i took different approach. I took two breaths, pressed escape and said “okay lets do it other way”

By then i was very aggressive with the car. On the limit but aggressive. There was nothing more you could’ve done, except run in circles for days and learn the behaving of the car on the given circuit to the perfection and do a nice lap. But that wouldn’t satisfy me. In real life you don’t get to drive for days, but hours. Here is the car – drive it the fastest you know. And usually i am always satisfied that my first laps are more or less equal or faster than those of the best, but the progress, i suck there obviously. So, i was driving now for 2 hours and i couldn’t improve my FIRST lap in the car… what the heck!

So like i’ve said i took different approach. Calm. Calculating. Smooth. Trying not to throw the car in corners and to try to look like i am slow. But fast. Just like Sir Jackie Stewart said many years before Alain Prost repeated “when i look slow i am fast – when i look fast i am slow”. Put the default setup, again left only 10 litres and i just went on to try and improve my mistakes from my first lap. I did it in my first try – after my real first try… 1.56.476 and 65th position on the RSR time sheets.

Here it is and i hope you will enjoy it.

What i did? Just recently one guy asked me for the setup. It’s the default man… i didn’t do anything and the lap is far from perfect as well. The key is, be smooth. Be gentle with the brakes. Be even more gentle with the throttle. Try not to cause spinning of the rear tyres. Try to catch the grip and go easy with the car. It will be better, believe me!


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