Formula 2016 by ACFL

ACFL mod for Assetto Corsa, or, Assetto Corsa Formula Ligue developed by these guys (click here) can be downloaded for 5 euros. I personally think it’s a fair price given the fact is the only mod around and it’s really worth it with the new F1 2016 car models and so on.

Although only BETA i downloaded so i can try it out and enjoy new F1 cars of 2016 among the first (hehe)

I did couple of laps, straight away with the SF16-H of Ferrari of course and i was lapping into mid 1:25. After 10-15 minutes i was into high, very high 1:24 and occasionally into very low 1:25.1 until 15 minutes later when i unlocked some speed from the car due to better setup on the car and did mid/low 1:24. Here are my two videos of the Ferrari.


The next car i tried was the Red Bull. I really like matte colored cars, especially black one, remind me of batman haha. Anyway, i like the Red Bull how it looks in real from TV camera and i chose to try it as well. I have to say unlike the Ferrari which is almost 95% match with the real one the Red Bull on the other hand is not really alike the real one. It does not look alike it but in terms of performance is, almost there because is not really faster than the Ferrari but something slower. Anyway after 1 hour now of driving these F1 cars by ACFL i got used to them and how setup works and i got better and better. So here are the two laps i did with the Red Bull. The first one are my first laps in it, like in the first video with the Ferrari, literally. When i say “first laps” i mean the first lap which is counting.

Second lap though was done after some 10-15 minutes of driving and i improved already my “World” Record time and got interesting “radio” message which i recorded and heard actually first time, anyway i hope you will enjoy both laps, here is my faster one:

Next car i liked to try was the Mclaren Honda. The McLaren Honda although perhaps doesn’t look either as Red Bull doesn’t, like the real F1 car according the real TV camera, the sound, the sound is i think 100% match and closer it couldn’t be. All three sounds in fact of the Ferrari the Renault and the Honda are different, and Honda beats them all. It’s really deeper and stronger. Anyway, back on the nose as compared with the realistic one, it’s lot sharper. And that’s not all. I almost forgot. The McLaren has one big problem. How McLaren Honda can pass without problems? The car is straight away from the word “go” faster under default setup that the Ferrari and Red Bull as well, no matter i tried half an hour of driving with both of them. With the McLaren in it’s first maiden lap, more maiden it couldn’t be, i scored a low 1:24 like 1:24.3/4 i think. The McLaren Honda is therefore faster than the Ferrari and the Red Bull, which is not real of course. Here is the only video i did:

The next car on the list was the Renault. For the Renault i don’t have much to say apart that is a very decent car, performance considered. The engine sound the same as the Red Bull. ACFL paid attention to it of course and the realistic comparison with the real Renault F1 car according the TV camera, it’s as well closer as it could ever be. Really really good job by ACFL on the Renault! Although you will notice i did considerably faster laptime with the Renault than the rest, that’s not because the car is faster but because i was changing the setup, in fact, applying that one from the Ferrari car with which i tested the most, but something improved of course and it just came all together nice.


I was thinking about, which next, and although many would love to see i assume the performance of the Mercedes and the look, and i did couple of runs with it, i must say it disappointed me if looks matter and performance wise is nothing faster than the McLaren Honda, straight away i am speaking, while with setup all cars can be improved a lot. So, i did laps in the new team this year which came from America and scored already some very good points in the F1 2016 season, you guessed it, Haas F1 Racing.
The car on looks is not much good like the real one, the engine sound is the same like the Ferrari, again good, and performance, it’s really close with the Renault team. Here is the video i did with it, the first laps of it:

Now having tried all but the Sauber, Williams, Manor, Mercedes and Force India, which are almost half field if not actually more, i think these are the cars that not all have had the choice of driving them. We have seen and driven the Williams couple of times, the Manor as well as well as the Mercedes, so … i will leave them for the next time. Till then i hope you will enjoy with these cars and these couple of videos i have done over the course of 2 hours at the circuit of the Round 5 of 2016 F1 Calendar, Catalunya in Barcelona, which was won by the Red Bull car driven by youngest and future Champion Max Verstappen, himself sim racing enthusiast and member of the Team Redline iRacing team.

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