Gentle McLaren 650S GT3 by Kunos Simulazioni

I had an injury on my right hand due to skiing fall late in March and i displaced my thumb. Had hematoma and received around 20 injections in order to speed up the recovery process a bit. Meanwhile the new content by Kunos Simulazioni for Assetto Corsa have been delivered. I couldn’t check them straight away so i did that much later.

I drove the new Ford Mustang 2015 on the new Black Cat County imaginary road by the same developers and had lots of fun. Spend the first 10min (2 laps) learning the track and then i went straight away (in next 15min) to reach top20 guys on RSR Live Timing. I had enough and decided to tryout the other new contents/cars. It’s the new McLaren 650S GT3 car and i chose for it, the Imola circuit!


I went with the default setup and i made the (installation lap) warm up lap and started my first one official to say. I didn’t make it to the start of Sector2. I spun on the first left-right combination of corner. I pressed escape. Lowered the fuel to 15 litres. Left the wins as they were, 1 on front 4 on the rear and increase the rear camber a bit i.e. more negative. I went out i did the warm up lap, although quite fast, without problem. I went into the lap where timer was counting every second and i again lost control of the rear in the first corner. I realized it had something to do with the tyres. Lowered the front pressure so i will have the car sticking more to the asphalt. Tried again again the same. I was furious. I couldn’t make 2 consecutive with the McLaren 650S GT3 around Imola. You start to doubt your skills, in times like these.


Eventually i set a laptime of 1:47.5 and then i couldn’t repeat it. I kept losing the rear end of the car. I have driven now some 20 minutes. I lost my nerves. She was so gentle and i was everything but not gentle! I had another 10minutes before i had to go cycling but i left prior the marked time, i had no nerves more! Said ill came later. I came the next day.

The next day i tried few other things. Tried with the anti roll bar, tried different combination with the wings, actually lowered them to 1 with 3 combination and some more positive camber on the front with the coast and differential changed a bit and i saw that in the first lap already i have found some better balance on the car and i wasn’t losing it anymore at highspeed corners. So i went again in the pit and did a little tweaking that i thought would be compatible with the car behavior and i went out. Then i did 3 consecutive laps. Each around 1 sec/1.5sec clear of my previos best to enter the TOP 10 from around 300+ drivers on RSR Live Timing who tried the McLaren 650S GT3. It’s lot easier once you find the balance! So with not more than 20 laps (if not less than 15) i managed to did these laps with which finally i could find peace lol. I was really pissed! I haven’t got harder time with any other car. I literally couldn’t make the first corner in 5 consecutive tryouts! And then…bam bam bam!

This is my video with the Mclaren 650S GT3 and in the next i will show my lap which i did some minutes later than i did these where i improved another half a second or more i don’t remember and did 1.44.5 i think. I am not sure ill have to check out. Till then, if you liked the video, don’t forget to like, you are free to comment and of course subscribe for more.

Thank you!


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