Automobilista – Stock Car Championship Round 2

Welcome to the Stock Car Championship by Dusko Avramovski.

I was supposed to upload the ROUND 2 much earlier but due to an injury i got while skiing late in March where i hurt my right hand (displaced the thumb precisely) and received around 20 injections to help me with the hematoma i was back behind the simracing wheel some week ago and i did the Round 2 of the Championship at the tight and hard track Ribeirao Preto Street Circuit.

I had troubles in creating the setup and i had some pain in my right arm so i couldn’t deliver much.

Practiced but couldn’t improve much. Anyway for the qualifications i was much better and improved my lap by a great margin, perhaps whole second. But still it was only enough to qualify on 22th position. Lucky the 2nd placed in the championship Gustavo Lima has qualified even worse on 27th. The greatest concern was Cesar Ramos who finished previous race on 3rd and now was only 5th. With points given 24 for the winner and 20 for the 2nd placed, 18 for the 3rd and 1 negative for all the rest until reaches top 20 i was in danger of losing the top position in the standings.


So i had to push but be careful due to the very close walls of this street circuit which is very tight and the AI (artificial intelligence) quite nervous i needed to be concentrated 100%

The damage is on 100% they are set on 110% and their aggression on 120% making it all harder. Anyway i did this…and i hope you will enjoy it!


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