Automobilista – Stock Car Championship Round 1


Today i am going to present you the first race of the Championship or Round 1 at Goiania.

The circuit is named Autodromo Internacional Ayrton Senna and i just drove this past 3 days for the first time.

Driving the stock cars around it, i managed my best of 1:23.855 hotlap which you can see it here that i did during the practice sessions prior qualifying.

In qualifying however i failed and delivered nothing faster than 1:24.0 even though i changed few things on the setup that might have interfered anyhow.
Anyway i got P18 and i was set for a difficult race and even more difficult Championship.
I had some hope for the race because i had the pace with full fuel and tires were quite good on long stint of 15 laps as much the race lasts.

The conditions of the Championship are set as follows: 
AI – 110%
Tires wear – x3
Fuel – normal
Assists – All off (ABS low)


AMS 2016-03-16 02-28-46-23

Like i said i was starting on 18th position and was very pessimistic about scoring good in the race even though i had some promising pace with the race setup lapping only +0.300 than the leader.

The start went good and by lap one i was 7 positions ahead. Fighting with the cars in front and chasing the leading pack.

AMS 2016-03-16 02-29-23-77AMS 2016-03-16 02-30-04-84

AMS 2016-03-16 02-31-11-49AMS 2016-03-16 02-31-15-87AMS 2016-03-16 02-29-49-26

Hereby you can see the whole 15 laps race from the Stock Car Championship at Goiania circuit onboard driven by Dusko Avramovski.


If you wanna follow my Championship progress and be sure you won’t miss a thing you can always subscribe on my youtube channel DuxVideos and each new subscriber will be shown in my next race video of the Championship.

I hope you will enjoy the race!




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