Automobilista – First laps, race practice and hotlap


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Today i am going to write shortly about latest update by Reiza of their GameStockCar and then it’s update Extreme to whole new level after their successful funding last year bringing us now Automobilista the ‘motorsport simulator‘ which is plus on Steam, making it all easier by applying one simple code and you are set & ready!


After seeing couple of videos shared in groups on facebook and seing it’s detailed updated features then learning it’s not something new but already existing on my PC and that’s GameStockCar Extreme waiting to be updated i immediately went and installed on Steam.

I only had to make a request for the code from my purchase and apply in the Steam. Simple as that!

The new feature of live time tracking app which is in front of you on the top reminds me of iRacing feature and it’s really entertaining and fun and very very useful. The menu is as well some step closer to that one of rFactor2 when we speak about tires details, which isn’t something like on rFactor where if you want something advanced you need couple of addons then is working or not. It’s really entertaining and more fun now. And the simulation is just great. Although a copy paste product of rFactor in almost but everything Automobilista is just one step further and it feels much more realistic. Much more alive and much more beautiful. As a package i’d really place her in between of rF and rF2.

So once i was running a championship in the Stock Car class which i enjoyed driving but due to these things i eventually lost all of the files and i have to start now from scratch. And i don’t mind it. This will be much better!

That’s why i am writing this to show you my first laps in the new Automobilista simulation at Goiania circuit in Brazil with the Stock Car, team AMG Motorsport on circuit i’ve never driven before but it’s not that hard to get to know it if you know all the basics of simracing and you drove simulations as much as i have.

These are my first laps in this video and some practicing before the Round 1 of the Championship which i am going to do and the videos of the races i am going to upload on my youtube channel where you can follow me and interact with me through it.

This is another practice where i already developed some setup after exactly 36 laps running with fuel for the race and i started doing competitive lap times and checking out the performance of the tires.

And at last this is my hotlap so far now before i go into qualifying.

I want to mention that the Round 1 of the Championship is done and in the process of creation. The race was great! The video is lasting some 20 minutes. Long i know…
15 laps, no assists, AI at 110% and tyre wear on x3. It was tricky and it was hard at times but managed to get good result. I won’t say just yet how good.

In the quals i won the 18th position just showing how fast these AI are at 110% because i gave almost everything in terms of setup and performance taking into account i was driving this simulation for only 2 days since the update and not more than 3 hours or all in all 67 laps.

I hope you will enjoy the videos and don’t miss the Round 1 of the Championship.

Best regards,


2 thoughts on “Automobilista – First laps, race practice and hotlap

    1. Thank you. Well i have to search for it first :S i can anyway tell you few tips. The car is stable if you use lower rear wing and lower rear camber to help you with the turn in but dont push too much as you will have oversteer at the back. So … try to make the car turn faster round the corners thats the point. The speed is almost the same on straight wheather you put 0 wing or 10


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