Race i will never forget [SimRacing]

We all have some memory that we cherish very much. Those involved in Sim Racing, have some perfect race or a race they will never forget. I have quite a lot to be quite honest of that type. Races in which i drove without one single mistake from the pole to the chequered flag without being challenged at any given moment leading all laps, to the one in which with different strategy i won it with 2 corners till that chequered flag, to take what it was then in that particular Championship, 45 euros prize. And it wasn’t really about those money, i wanted to be the best only.

That Championship was the first Macedonian Virtual Formula 1 Championship organized by then Race Place (today closed) with 15 simulators equipped with G27 Logitech steering wheels. I wished that since i was a little kid. And you can read about my story in my introduction and first paper on this blog.
A friend of mine (Gorgi Ristovski) who’s brother (Darko Ristovski) was my main competitor in F1 games since we were kids notified me about this championship and the seriousness of it. I went All-In immediately! So we agreed to go and take a look later that day, and we did. Me, Gorgi and one of his friends who wanted to join. It happened tha the first guy that i met on this Championship is the same guy with whom later i would have the most toughest battle on track. And Gorgi from whom i was also afraid, brought him. The competition was fierce! I can assure you of that.

He, the guy that i met on the first day and with whom later i would have this fight on track, in fact on the first day of the tests when we all went to the Race Place SimCenter was the fastest. I remember that i was afraid i might not be that strong as i thought of myself after the test, because this guy, Teo Stojanovski was 1 second faster than me and at that point i couldn’t understand how. As it is in real Formula 1 world “you think you are the best and some guy makes fun out of you” said Martin Brundle speaking of Michael Schumacher in the book “The Whole Story of Michael Schumacher”
I remember very vividly we went into the elevator towards the ground level, since RacePlace store was on the 2nd floor, Gorgi and Teo spoke, but i was silent. I thought “if he is better than me, how many are who haven’t joined still?”

Being honest, i couldn’t wait for the next time to go and test again. And i went the very next day. I improved my personal best, his personal best, and went on and on. Eventually i drove the fastest lap out of 22 people that drove the hotlaps for the qualification of the opening race on 12th of May in 2013, in Spain. I won the pole won the race lead every lap and Gorgi set the fastest lap. But that was my only pole for the next 5 months!

The Championship went on and we approached the 5th Round of the season. It was the Italian Grand Prix as on real F1 calendar, which we followed. This race was some 4 months after i have met this guy. And although i had 90 points leading the Championship he followed me with 73 and had just won the 2nd pole and 2nd one in row and i couldn’t for 3 months now. I had 3 wins he had 1 and was on the pole for the Italian Grand Prix by only -0.034.

I wasn’t comfortable with that at all. I wanted the pole. But over 6 days or 13 days as the pause between the GP’s is, we did the quals for the best 15 who take seat in the simulators, hotlap list that closed on midnight at saturday. Day before the race. And all used to go in the last hours and reveal their full potential.

1459210_10151787169145838_835985944_n(Bottom from left to right: 2nd is Gorgi Ristovski, next to him Teo Stojanovski and 3rd Filip Galevski. They closed the circle of the TOP4 for 2013. Above them with hands crossed is Darko Jovanovski who joined us right on the Italian GP and after 3 GP’s made the podium. He now is leading a Championship that will provide him seat in real racing car for free, sponsored by Macedonian Champion in European Hill Climb races, Igor Stefanovski in his “Stefanovski Virtual Academy”. Darko Jovanovski who was my teammate in 2014 MK Virtual F1 Season when he won his first race out of 2 and finished on 4th place with 51 points behind me while i was once again fighting for the title, this time with the brother of Gorgi Ristovski, Darko, who isn’t in the picture)

The race day came. I had to prove myself and to everyone else. I had to win. At all cost if i needed to. That’s why for the race i went with supersoft from the start to be able to attack with whatever tires Teo went. Luckily he opted for softs, or i thought i was lucky. Soon in the race i figure it out he was the lucky one, because he had right strategy. I thought i will easily pass him and get away with SS, but it wasn’t like that at all. What happened…you can see below.

If you want to see the race from my POV(personal point of view) watch this video:


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