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Greetings and welcome to my first post!

Well since the increasing popularity of the internet in the mid of 2004 i started to show interest in creating videos and sharing them with the rest of the world of what was my favorite game only at the time, F1 Challenge 99-02 on which me and my friends spend a lot of time, and i was really really good at it and obviously i wanted to show that somehow to the bigger audience, but not just yet. Some years still had to pass until i start uploading anything on YouTube.

My first account on youtube dates back to late 2007 however that channel was lost due to my lack of experience with YouTube and it’s rules, that i broke, few times! But until one makes good decisions need experience, and how you would get it if from not bad decisions? So, i learned my lesson.

That account that was blocked, was created with sole purpose to allow me like, favorite and comment on videos, mainly still! With time i wanted to participate in the creativity process and sharing videos, and so i did, when i found out how i can record from desktop.

Before FOM or FormulaOneManagement blocked my channel I raised up to 2 millions of views due to some rights of a video of F1 race start at Bahrain back in 2010 for the return of the great Schumacher, driver with whom i grew up and idolized my whole childhood and followed since 98. The video was recorded with my camera from the TV with my bare hands without any official F1 logo. Today there are thousands of videos of that kind and are still online. Why mine was breaking the rules, i have no idea even today 5 years after. Perhaps i caught the video that good that they thought it was official record. I’d take that as a compliment.  Nevertheless it was an important moment, anyway…. So, i got blocked, lost my channel and i had to start from scratch. That hurt a lot! I was furious. Losing lots of videos, a lot of unique videos that i had only attached/uploaded on YouTube and no other place(my mistake) and now are lost forever. That hurt me the most. There were such moments that i randomly would caught with mobile phone camera that today would haven been viewed in millions without being modest. Just to name one – while racing go karts with friends, 2nd placed goes to park his go-kart and in the moment that he decided to stand up from it and leave the g0-kart on 3rd place came from behind to park as well but hit him in the rear fender and this guy who tried to get out just fell backwards over the g0-kart. The guy who finished 1st already out of the go-kart froze. Perhaps he was hurt in the moment or could’ve been much worse than it was. The rest, well the rest had burst to tears from laughing. Perhaps because that guy stood right away all sensed it was all okay, and it was. And me, when i came home and added slow motion on that, i was laughing at my own simple creation, at least half an hour. Laughing to tears! The video was a hit straight away! But … that’s that. Gone.

I had to swallow all that time spend on my first channel and my subscribers and lost videos in order to start new one. I was so furious and angry i didn’t wanted to but i knew that at some point i will again, so why the waiting? And so it happened. This time my YouTube channel is DuxVideos. Simple. My nick and my videos! Dux is not my only or main nick but since has good meaning in the latin language, i took it. Translated DuxVideos can mean as well Leader of Videos/Leading Videos etc.
From always since like a kid i had talent of drawing, filming, always wanted to do something creative something through which i could express emotions and i was good at it i think and that wasn’t the only thing in which i was good. In the beginning i wrote about playing racing games….ill come later to that.

In running i wasn’t the fastest or in the most popular sport football, i wasn’t the best as well but whenever i got myself on wheels, well, i had to win i had to be the fastest. What we often did as kids was an improvised circuit with stones placed as corners which we needed to circle, on a concrete football field, we were at max 11 years old and i cannot remember that i once lost. I wished i could have a video record of those days, but sadly another 3-4 years had to pass to get Nokia 3310 only… However i remember that i would push anyone who was on the outside of the corner. Since my early falling in love with F1 I understood things such as ‘apex’ very early on or how ‘drag’ worked while others on same age had another 5 years to start and learn about the basic laws of physics. But not all had bikes, not all could race so we played more of racing games in the PC gaming places. That’s where F1 Challenge 99-02 comes. Now it’s 99-00 year and Schumacher VS Hakkinen rivalry was at the peak. It was very common subject on which we could’ve argued and debated for hours and hours…it was fun!

Racing games on PC was done on keyboards and it was only a game for the next 4 years until in 2005 when i learned about simulation platform called rFactor. In world where everything is ruled by the money (sadly thats the truth) and the black gold named ‘fuel’ F1 world started experimenting and researching projects that would allow engineers to do tests without spending money on fuel and running cars on real circuits they had to pay either and that’s how we come to the PC simulation platforms called – simulators. Today, 10 years after, their cost is spoken in millions of dollars and those simulators are next to “NASA Top Secret projects” in F1 world.

Back to 2005 and my knowledge of this new rFactor simulation i learned straight away that, games were not the same simple games anymore. They were simulating realistic physics, temperatures tyres degradation and so on and in order to be good at it you needed to knew all aspects of racing. Keyboard was useless, you needed steering wheel. So 2 years later on 17 years of age on 12 of October 2007 i bought myself my first and still today only wheel , Logitech Formula Force FX for 50 euros. Money i gathered 3 months. When my father saw it the first time, i vividly remember in this very moment, i think it’s a miracle how he did not throw it away through the window, since he knew of my ‘fast’ behaviors on bike and the dangers i’ve put myself, witnessed by my neighbors, who of course always know more about you than you yourself! So, here it is, safe till this very day serving me still as brand new!

With the years i really became very good at it but i’ve never put myself in something more professional ‘time occupying’ championships (FSR for example ) but rather only doing it in free time and for fun. My little free time to escape the reality!  I never earned money from it until….

As a kid while racing my friends “driving” on poor keyboards I really wanted that someday in Skopje the city where i live to be opened some store with simulators and all of the things allowing us, me and my friends to race together properly and safe from harm. Because honestly racing virtually is a lot more fun and enjoyable and true than on public roads, or are they really racing on public roads, or they think pushing the pedal going straight to the next traffic light is racing? They have no idea what racing is, since we don’t have real circuit and cannot freely release all the power you have, on public roads where you could get hurt, yourself or other innocent people, that’s not racing. And guess what! When in 2013 new City Mall was opened in Skopje, almost 9 years after what i wished like a little kid the first Virtual Racing Academy was introduced. It’s name was RACE PLACE. Exactly like the one i wanted and right away word was spread that it will be organized first to say an official Virtual Formula 1 Championship in Macedonia supported by two big sponsors PSS and Motocentar giving 45 euros per victory plus 150 euros in cash for the champion. These two big sponsors later also would sponsor real driver and today most successful macedonian who raced, Igor Stefanovski who became FIA European Hill Climb Champion in N1 group for two years in row. The Virtual F1 Championship i spoke? I joined and after 7 months and 4 days of the beginning i won it. Out of 15 races i won 8, yet i started from the pole only 4 times. The competition was fierce! We had no assists we had equal setups equal cars and the only difference was made by us. Nothing else. I won 500 euros but i was just happier that i beat the rest. People of 30 years old came and said they couldn’t drive it. How it was fast this and that, and i won it.

We drove simulation platform rFactor with G27 Logitech wheels in Sparco seats with the whole construction of a simrig and big TV screen. All of those races are uploaded on my channel and put in playlist.

At last, my goal is to achieve big audience and share my creativity process and my passion of F1 with whole world that has access to internet and simply is interested in the area i am. I consider myself as a modest person although racing doesn’t allow that. However i believe that my channel DuxVideos has managed to achieve that up to some point, although putting the racer mentality, never is enough right?
Last year on 3rd of July i happily published my collaboration and partnership with from US who are now standing behind me 100% and i am thankful for that opportunity. Now all my videos have meaning. As far sim racing is considered.

But that’s not all that i do. I like skiing i like cycling i like racing go-karts and i cannot live without music. So from time to time i know to upload those kinds of videos as well as videos that are funny for some reason. I hope you will enjoy them.

This is my first post in this new WordPress blog and i have no idea about what to write, to be quite honest. Since i am simracing enthusiast and 90% of the videos are just that expect posts about that the most. Also id like to talk about Formula 1 and with time i am going to write something about it as well.

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Thank you for your time!
Best regards till next time,


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